• Focused Mission

    The Friedens UCC Church Council, following an intentional period of prayer, study and discussion, offers the Focused Mission Statement as the pathway for continued and increasing vitality in the second century of Friedens’ life.
  • Intended Outcomes of this Focused Mission:

    1. Friedens UCC thrives in its second century.
    2. Ongoing and new ministries are those which support WORSHIP, DISCIPLESHIP, and SERVICE IN LOCAL SCHOOLS. 
    3. Friedens’ members and friends embrace discipleship as a way of life and invite others to the way.
    4. Friedens’ members and friends live fully into the UCC slogan: No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey there’s a place for you here.
    5. The work of the ministry teams and staff are directed toward offering our very best: to create inspiring and meaningful worship, to provide innovative opportunities to become faithful disciples and share the way of discipleship, and to support the community mission of sharing Christ’s love in local schools.
    6. Ministry teams and staff will be empowered to revise programs to support this mission focus.
    7. We will engage with local schools by building long-term relationships and seeking out areas of need.
    8. Friedens UCC is the church with the pond out front AND the church with inspiring and meaningful worship and a congregation full of disciples who live out the faith by making a positive and life-changing difference in local schools.
    9. Friedens staff will support this focused mission by recruiting volunteers and
    1. Engaging them,
    2. Discipling them,
    3. Providing resources for them, and
    4. Building strong teams in which relationships grow and strengths are leveraged.
  • Vision

    We are called to be a church of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 16-20), sharing the gospel with all people, helping them understand it, live it, and tell it.
    Every member and friend of Friedens is blessed and equipped with spiritual gifts from God, and encouraged to use them in a related ministry (Ephesians 4: 11-12).
    We are striving to be a more compassionate community of faith, welcoming all who wish to join us on the journey (Galations 3: 28).
  • Values

    Friedens builds its community around the values of Jesus (Matthew 5:1-12). We value:
    • Loving God with all that we are
    • Embracing God's guiding spirit
    • The love of God, self, and neighbor
    • Each person's God-given gift for ministry
    • Respect for self and others
    • A cooperative and neighborly spirit
    • Commitment and generosityHumility in serving
    • A permission-giving and innovative atmosphere for ministry development