• 2017- A Year to Make God Bigger in Our Lives

    The Friedens Church professional staff consists of Sarah Haas, Pam Taylor, Trisha Gilbertson and me as the clergy team, along with our Music Ministry Leaders Tom Williams and Kristin Petty and our Office Manager, Mari Prior.  The liaison between the staff and the Personnel Ministry Team is Tammy Brodzeller and the liaison between the clergy and the congregation is Janet Raker, chairwoman of the Pastoral Relations Committee.  As the Senior Minister I am pleased to provide day-to-day support and supervision of this professional staff.

    I am pleased to report that your church staff works very hard and very well together.  We take seriously that we are a team.  We are thankful for the talents, experience, expertise, and gifts of each person, leveraging those talents for the greater good of the church.  We work with respect and integrity.  Everyone has an equal voice at our meetings, sharing input and ideas with professional courtesy.  When any staff member takes a responsibility they are diligent and timely in the completion of the task.  Each staff member is responsible to maintain an up-to-date job description in order to maintain clarity on scope of work, to insure the staff works cooperatively and complimentarily, and to maintain accountability for the work we do on behalf of the church and its ministries.

    The professional staff meets regularly.  The clergy team meets together twice a month to review pastoral care needs and to coordinate our efforts. 

    The professional staff meets monthly to plan worship services.  The professional staff also meets quarterly for advance planning, to brainstorm new opportunities for ministry, to learn and to set quarterly goals.  In addition, each of us has teams we lead, support and train to fulfill the ministries in our areas of service.  As you can tell, we stay busy and engaged to serve Christ and his church called Friedens United Church of Christ.

    I am honored to serve, not only with the members and friends of our church, but also with its staff.  Our staff has my respect and my complete support.
    Most sincerely, Pastor Marc