• 2017- A Year to Make God Bigger in Our Lives

    2017: A Year to Make God Bigger in Our Lives A theme has developed in my preaching the end of 2016 and leading into 2017—the Biblical injunction to glorify God.  It caught my attention in Luke’s nativity story, both in the angels’ song and in the contrast of Emperor Augustus and Jesus.  The first engaged in glorification of self and the latter glorified God.  As a result, Augustus is a mere footnote in history and Jesus is the most important part of history.

    Then on New Year’s Day Psalm 8 was included in the Lectionary.  This ancient song celebrates God’s majesty, greatness and glory that is especially revealed in the countenance of newborns and the immensity of the heavens.  The psalm reminds us that when we glorify God, that is, make God bigger in our lives, there are some predictable outcomes:  

    • ~We feel humble in relation to the Creator, which frees us to let God be God.

    • ~We can embrace our true identity as the good creation of a good Creator, who reflect a little of the honor and glory of God.

      ~That honor and glory is lived out in the servant leadership demonstrated by Jesus.  We are stewards of God’s creation offering a dominion of care.

      In 2016 we shared a number of opportunities to make room for the living Spirit of Christ in our lives.  In 2017 we feel the Spirit calling us to fill that space with God’s glory. Will you join me in making God bigger in our lives by staying focused on God’s greatness as we gather in worship, going deeper with a humble heart in our relationship with Christ, so that we might embrace a calling of care as we reach wider with the welcome and love of Christ? If we do, we can expect our Creator, Provider and Savior to do far more than we ever imagined possible in our lives and world in this New Year. To God be the glory, Marc